PAVO Tenders:
Purpose built Yacht Tenders incorporating a new level of Style, Luxury, and Features to compliment the new generation of Mega and Giga Yachts.

The PAVO Tenders story:

When approached by a client to consult and customize tenders for their new 85 meter build I was at a loss. The tender garage dimensions allowed for a 10 meter boat, 1.7 meters tall. Not a lot of room to incorporate all their expectations of a 12 passenger tender and make them work. After looking for an existing tender model to customize, or even a bare hull to build from, it was easy to see nothing would work as well as if we started from the ground up. Our choices were using a boat that that was intended to be something else, a yacht builders attempt at building a small boat, or a tender designed without the knowledge of how a yacht actually operates. Tenders are one of the most important features of your yacht. I asked my client, why settle? Why don’t we start from scratch, make it work with a level of quality currently not available and be sexy at the same time. At this point it was instantly clear to me. I needed to form a partnership with Niles Johnsen and Trond Schou of Nor-Tech Powerboats, who I have worked with on many successful projects in the past. From the first meeting, the ideas flowed. The excitement of developing and building something new and innovative was obvious in all of us. The expertise, infrastructure and facilities are at our disposal. The deal was sealed. PAVO Tenders by Nor-Tech was born. The design parameters, features, performance and function requirements were finalized. . Now, we needed to address the most obvious issue, attractive styling. Niles put his artful eye to the task of incorporating our features into an elegant, tasteful design. The result: Sexy, innovative styling that allows the client to individualize their tenders in more ways than custom paint and interiors. Choices of hull length, cabin height, cabin seating arrangements, and bow designs that compliment the taste and styling of the yachts that they support are all included.

PAVO design features:
A purpose built hull that allowed us to design in features that a conventional V-bottom boat just won’t deliver in a boat of this size. For the best ride possible, we have incorporated a straight or reverse bow to maximize the running surface by more than 1 meter over the conventional V-Bottom design; this provides the feel and ride of a larger craft. A special bottom design to reduce roll and multiple aerated steps in the running surface were also designed in. The multiple step bottom design is incorporated for speed, however they offer  a very beneficial side effect; reducing the porpoise effect for a more consistent, self correcting ride attitude when the boat runs across a wave.

The layout and styling can then incorporate 3 main issues, 1) Accommodating the tender garage space and loading requirements of the yacht, using our innovative adjustable mold design. 2) Placement of owners and guests seating for the most comfortable ride, and the most overlooked key tender feature, 3) Safe and easy boarding of the guest in a multitude of situations. We have designed in side boarding from both, port and starboard sides as well as an innovative folding bow boarding system. This allows easy walk on access from the beach or dock, even deck level. This wide boarding platform is also wheel chair accessible. Once your owners and guests are on board they can relax and be entertained in a fully climate controlled environment with a state of the art audio and video entertainment system. A wet bar and enclosed head help create the relaxed comfortable atmosphere while surrounded by a luxury high end automotive limousine style interior.  A retractable roof over the rear seat and electrically tinting side glass allow for an open feel, or complete privacy. The Limo version offers complete protection from the environment. Guests can be transported to and from their destination free of salt spray, wind, and extreme temperatures.

To make the best tender it has to do all this and it has to perform. It has to be Crew friendly, reliable, maneuverable, and safe. A poor handling tender can make even the best captain look unskilled, this is simply not acceptable. Twin gas or diesel power packages with Joystick docking controls means a wider array of crew are able to operate with complete confidence and professionalism. The Joystick docking control will rotate and move the boat in any direction the joystick is moved, by automatically steering and engaging the drives independently. A “Skyhook” feature allows you to press a button and hold position automatically, and then rotate on that position. Giving you the ability to rotate the bow into the waves to keep guests comfortable in less desirable sea conditions.  Storage of luggage and baggage is also a big concern. By designing in large trunk compartments on each side of the bow, storage is easily accessed, allowing guest and crew to move about the tender without the clutter of baggage. Safety equipment, lines and fenders all have their designated storage areas for ease of use.

Safety and reliability start with a strong structural platform. Using our Hi-performance boat building back ground, building a very strong light weight hull and performance of 40+ knots is easily obtainable. A full array of electronics, including an Automatic Identification System is incorporated for navigation and position monitoring from the mother ship. A mechanical release on the sun roof gives the safety of an emergency escape hatch. The show must always go on, the owner’s and guest’s time is irreplaceable, a mechanical problem can spoil their trip or charter. Redundant systems, such as twin air conditioning units (totaling 32,000BTU) will allow continued operation in the event of a mechanical failure. The equipment location and rigging must have maintenance and service accessibility in mind. Access to equipment and systems is essential. 

A good tender does its job well, and is considered reliable and easy to maintain by the crew. Captains have a multitude of matters to deal with on a daily basis.  By offering world wide factory service and support, we can minimize the time and effort the crew uses to maintain their tenders. Each delivery will include thorough, hands on orientation. This will familiarize the crew with the boats operation, capability, maintenance schedules, cosmetic care, and trouble shooting. PAVO Tender’s Spare and Maintenance Parts Inventory Program will recommend and update your service parts inventory. Eliminating the purchase and storing of spares that will never be used.

We recognize the need for individualized tenders, for both the owners taste and needs, and the yachts size requirements. Our design features an adjustable mold system that will allow us to build to fit a yacht’s requirements. Lengths can be adjusted from 9.5 meters to 11.5 meters, by damming the mold and moving the adjustable step mold for each specific hull length’s center of gravity. Passenger compartment roof height can also be tailored to specific garage requirements, so passenger space is always optimized. An insert in the mold allows for straight or reverse bow options to match the yachts styling. Super high quality paint finishes can be custom designed from mild to wild. Interior appointments, colors, and woods are all individually selected on each build. You can select an overall length, bow style, roof height, paint design, interior layout, and décor to individualize a tender to your taste and style.

This way of manufacturing will allow for better tooling, components, and systems than a “one off” build will allow. We can do what we have been doing for years, customize to a clients individual needs and taste, with one monumental advantage, we are starting with a better platform.

Hull #1 of the Limo version is scheduled to launch October of 2009 for testing, R&D, and demonstrations. Hull #3 will be available march of 2010.

An open sports version is currently in development and will include many features of the Limo, including dimensional and styling options. A new innovative deck lay out will offer superior seating for passengers. It will be more open water orientated for fishing, skiing, and diving, with design criteria that includes Diesel power, retractable hard top, and a folding transom boarding system for easy water access. The Skyhook and Joystick docking system will also be incorporated for ease of operation, allowing owners and their guest to operate confidently without crew if they desire.  This Sports version will be available mid 2010.

The combination of a “Limo” and “Sports” PAVO Tender will provide the yacht options for many situations. A black tie affair in the evening, a day of diving and water sports, and the inevitable trip to the airport in air conditioned luxury for the flight back to reality.

Back ground:
PAVO Tenders is collaboration between Peter Pavkovich of Custom Marine Sales and Nor-Tech Powerboats, with manufacturing facilities in South Florida. Peter’s vast experience in the construction of customized hi-performance powerboats, many with speeds in excess of 100 knots, and custom yacht tenders, has developed a clientele that wants more than is available from a production manufacturer. Working with leading boat companies such as Cigarette, Wally, Intrepid, and Skater to name a few. Peter has tailored these boats to fit each client’s needs and appreciation for the extraordinary. Niles Johnsen and Trond Schou owners of Nor-Tech Powerboats manufacture  custom hi-performance V-bottoms, Catamarans, and Center counsels from 39’ to 50’, as well as their recently introduced 80’ Performance Yacht. Nor-Tech has been contracted by U.S. Government agencies to produce and supply their 43’ Center Counsel V-bottoms in both triple diesel and Quad 350hp outboard versions for international and border operations. They have excelled in their innovative designs, both in function and style. Nor-Tech Powerboats annually produces about 50 custom versions of their 11 model line up, the most extensive model line up of any performance boat manufacturer. Offering a wide array of propulsion packages including Diesel, Gasoline from 525 to 1400hp, and Turbines in excess of 2000hp. Nor-Tech will unveil their new 39’ American Roadster catamaran at the 2009 Miami boat show. The 6 seat open top Roadster will exceed 160mph with twin 1200 Mercury racing engines.